Somnath MukherjeeBorn in the year 1981 at Kolkata, West Bengal, India. I’m a Software Engineer in the profession and take photography as a serious hobby. I started painting as my initial venture in visual arts and later moved to photography when I first grabbed my small Canon PowerShot S410 Digital ELPH back in the year 2005. Before turning into photography I did a thorough study of the subject in my pass time. As an enthusiast, I go for any kind of good capture I can get, be it a landscape, portrait, still life, or anything that looks good on my eye. But my favorite themes are candles and flames, portrait, close-ups. Well as far as my skills are concerned, I am just a child playing at the seashore and trying to collect some good pebbles. Please critique my snaps. Your valuable suggestions and tips are my support to improve.


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